Where is Malta located?


In the heart of the Mediterranean lies Malta, an archipelago that defies its size with a rich history and cultural heritage. Its strategic location, between Europe and Africa, has been key to its development over the centuries. Independent and sovereign, Malta is a melting pot of cultures and a proud member of the European Union.

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Have you ever wondered where is Malta located?

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta on the map is a small point that hides a great historical and cultural richness. This fascinating archipelago is located in the heart of the Mediterranean, just 93 kilometers south of Sicily (Italy) and about 290 kilometers north of the African coast, near Tunisia. This central position in the Mediterranean has given it a significant role throughout history, serving as a naval base and a meeting point between Europe and Africa. The easy access of Malta by sea has facilitated trade and cultural exchange with other Mediterranean nations for centuries.

Location of Malta