The Blue Lagoon of Malta, a unique place not to be missed


Malta’s Blue Lagoon is often described as the iconic postcard landscape of Malta: a natural pool surrounded by two islands, with shallow turquoise waters. A favorite spot for swimming and water activities and a must-visit on any trip to Malta.

Planning a trip to Malta

Where is the Blue Lagoon of Malta located?

The Blue Lagoon of Malta is situated between the island of Comino and the islet of Cominotto, geographically corresponding to the Fliegu Channel. A location that is both secluded and accessible, just 20 minutes from the main island of Malta and only 10 minutes from the island of Gozo.

Why visit the Blue Lagoon?

The Blue Lagoon is a unique place in Malta, reminiscent in some ways of the paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean or Bora Bora. A postcard setting, where turquoise waters separate two small fine sandy beaches.

On the flip side, the Blue Lagoon is also one of Malta’s most touristy spots. On busy days, a horde of tourists descends from boats, and the lagoon’s edge becomes a tangled mess of sun loungers and umbrellas. A chaos that can quickly turn this paradise corner into a farcical amusement park.

The Blue Lagoon remains a must-visit and one of Malta’s top attractions. However, to fully enjoy the magic of the place, it is recommended to visit outside the summer season.

Blue lagoon with swimmers and turquoise water
Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon Malta swimmers

Visiting the Blue Lagoon also offers the opportunity to explore the island of Comino. Swap lounging and swimming in crystal clear waters for discovering the island on an exotic trekking activity.

A “short” hike that allows discovering secluded coves, rugged trails, rocky cliffs, underwater caves, as well as remnants of another time like the abandoned hospital or Saint Mary’s Tower, not to mention the bays of San Niklaw Bay and Santa Maria. It’s best to do this excursion outside of the summer months to enjoy the journey without suffering from the heat.

By moving slightly away from the Blue Lagoon, you can discover Crystal Lagoon. An ideal place for snorkeling or scuba diving, away from the hustle and bustle of the Blue Lagoon. The small cove bordered by rocks allows for the discovery of marine life-rich seabeds without being disturbed by the constant coming and going of boats.

How to get to the Blue Lagoon Malta?

There are several ways to get to the Blue Lagoon. The most economical is to travel by bus or car to the Ċirkewwa ferry stop, in the northwest of the island, and then take a boat to the lagoon. Boats leave every 45 minutes for Comino Island and drop passengers right in the middle of the Blue Lagoon.

The journey takes about 20 minutes and costs around 13 euros (round-trip ticket). You can buy tickets online from the Comino Ferry Service, the Comino ferry or directly at the Ċirkewwa kiosk.

If you are staying on the island of Gozo, boats to the Blue Lagoon leave from the main pier at Mġarr.

There are also many maritime companies offering excursions to Malta’s different islands, including Comino and the Blue Lagoon. Cruises are available for full or half-day and almost always include a visit to the Blue Lagoon. Cruises typically depart from Bugibba port or Sliema Ferry. It is advisable to book your tickets in advance to ensure a spot, but you will also find ticket sellers from the main companies on the seafront docks of San Ġiljan (Spinola)/Sliema Ferry and Buġibba.

The most popular companies are Captain Morgan Cruises with its fleet of red boats, Seahorse Cruise, and Luzzu Cruises. Although touristy, the cruises have the advantage of touring around Comino and allow appreciating the entire coastline as well as the impressive cliffs.

To visit the Blue Lagoon, consider going very early if you want to fully enjoy the magic of the place and keep a paradisiacal image. However, if crowds do not bother you, you can go at any time of the day.

Where to eat at the Blue Lagoon?

There are numerous fast food outlets in Comino, all located at the Blue Lagoon landing point. “Basic” stands, in the style of “food trucks”, offer food and drinks, including the iconic pineapple cocktails. However, do not expect fine dining or restaurants where you can sit down.

There are no supermarkets or anything like that on Comino, so if you’re going to explore the island, always remember to carry something to hydrate yourself with. There’s no food service in the heart of the island. The sparse vegetation on the island offers very little shade, and the heat quickly becomes noticeable regardless of the season.

Where to stay at the Blue Lagoon?

Dreaming of sleeping at the Blue Lagoon? That might be challenging. Currently, there are no accommodation options on the island of Comino, except for the small Tal-Ful camping area. However, be aware that the authorized area for “semi-wild” camping is very limited (spots are scarce), it lacks facilities except for toilets, and numerous rules must be followed.

For travelers looking for a hotel on Comino, you will have to wait a bit longer. The “Comino Hotel”, which in the past was the only hotel on the island, is now closed. A resort and spa, the “Six Senses Comino”, is currently under construction on the blue lagoon island, but it will not open its doors before 2027.

The hotels located in Cirkewwa are currently the closest to the Blue Lagoon but are still located on the main island of Malta. However, some of them, such as the Labranda Riviera or the Ramla Bay Resort, offer a shuttle service that picks up vacationers directly from the hotel to drop them at the Blue Lagoon.

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Fliegu Strait, Comino


  • 12-15 € round trip from Cirkewwa
  • 25-30 € boat cruise