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Malta is a small island state located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. An English-speaking country that is both a member of the European Union and the Schengen Area. Its strategic position between East and West has been coveted many times in the past and today it is a very popular tourist destination. Discover all the key information about the Maltese archipelago at a glance.

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Key Information on Malta

Frequently Asked Questions about Malta (FAQ)

What is the capital of Malta?

The capital of Malta is Valletta. Valletta is a fortified city with its high ramparts built in the 1500s. Valletta is the administrative center of the country, but it is a small city with a reduced population.

What language(s) are spoken in Malta?

In Malta, there are two official languages: English and Maltese. Maltese is officially the national language, but English, inherited from British influence, remains the most used language on the island. English is both the language of business and administrative procedures.

How many inhabitants are there in Malta?

Malta has experienced very strong demographic growth in recent years. Currently, the population of Malta stands at 542,051 inhabitants. The island of Malta is a very touristy destination, attracting millions of travelers each year. Therefore, the actual population present on the island is much higher than the official count of permanent residents.

Where is Malta located?

The state of Malta is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, 50 km south of Sicily (Italy), 200 km east of Tunisia, and 400 km north of Libya. Due to its location, Malta has been for a long time a strategic island in the Mediterranean.