Find a hotel in Malta, the best establishments on the island


Exploring the jewels of the Maltese archipelago inevitably involves booking a hotel. How to find the ideal hotel in Malta? Discover the best hotels in Malta classified by categories and indirectly by budget.

Planning a trip to Malta

The best 5-star hotels in Malta

The highest rated 5-star hotels by travelers in Malta

There are 19 5-star hotels in Malta. 17 of them are located on the main island, Malta, and two 5-star hotels are present on the neighboring island of Gozo.

5-star hotels in Malta can be differentiated into two categories. The “Palace hotel” profile, like the Phoenicia Malta, gathers luxurious hotels in a traditional, authentic, and intimate style. The “Resort” profile, on the other hand, gathers modern and imposing luxury hotels; these hotels offer extensive facilities and a wide variety of services. The Hilton Malta, Corinthia, and Grand Hotel Excelsior belong to the “Resorts” family.

The Phoenicia Malta, the best 5-star hotel in Malta

The Phoenicia is generally considered the best 5-star hotel in Malta and, consequently, the best hotel in Malta. The hotel is an institution in Malta. This historic establishment, located at the foot of the capital, is the first luxury hotel to open its doors on the archipelago, with an inauguration dating back to November 3, 1947.

The luxury hotel is a former palace, surrounded by a lush garden and hidden from view on the edge of La Valette. A charming establishment that pays attention to preserving the discretion of its travelers, blending history and the comfort of contemporary modernism. A leap back in time reminiscent of the great era of the Knights of the Order of Malta.

The service offered by the hotel is top-notch. Among other things, the hotel has an infinity pool with breathtaking views of the port and Manoel Island. The hotel also has a spa and gourmet dining service to cater to the most demanding travelers. The rooms, a bit small for a 5-star hotel, offer all the comforts of a luxury hotel.

View from the dining room of the Grand Excelsior 5-star hotel
Superior room of the Grand Excelsior hotel
Pool of the Grand Excelsior hotel with a view of the marina

The Best 4-Star Hotels in Malta

The Highest Rated 4-Star Hotels by Travelers in Malta

There is no shortage of 4-star hotels on the archipelago, with more than sixty 4-star establishments in Malta, offering a wide range of prices and varying levels of comfort. Some 4-star hotels offer exceptional service that rivals the standards expected of 5-star hotels, while others are more akin to disguised 3-star hotels where hygiene may sometimes leave something to be desired.

Palais Le Brun, the Best 4-Star Hotel in Malta

The Palais Le Brun is often cited as the best 4-star hotel in Malta. It offers a blend of authenticity and modernity in an exceptional and luxurious setting.

Palais Le Brun is a charming hotel, a former 16th-century Baroque palace located in the heart of the historic city of Valletta. This luxury hotel is a boutique-sized establishment that has built its reputation on the quality of its service. No gigantism, but a pleasant, elegant, and very well-equipped hotel.

The hotel has a gym, a bar, and a rooftop pool offering panoramic views of the ramparts of Valletta. Palais Le Brun also stands out for the quality of its breakfast, which offers the possibility of choosing a dish from the menu in addition to a hearty continental buffet.

Palais Le Brun Hotel Pool (4-star hotel in Valletta)
Standard Room at Palais Le Brun Hotel (4-star hotel in Valletta)
Upper Terrace, Palais Le Brun Hotel (4-star hotel in Valletta)

The Best 3-Star Hotels in Malta

The Highest Rated 3-Star Hotels by Travelers in Malta

3-star hotels in Malta are plentiful; they represent the most common standard of hotel accommodation on the archipelago. The 2-star classification is almost non-existent on the island and generally corresponds to hostel-type establishments.

Regulatory criteria for the 3-star classification are less stringent in Malta than in other European countries such as France, Germany, or the United Kingdom. Some 3-star hotels in Malta offer a service quality close to that of a 4-star, but there are also many hotels with problems of aging or hygiene.

It is advisable to be cautious when booking a 3-star hotel in Malta. It is important to consider both the profile of the establishment and the reviews or overall rating. It is strongly recommended to avoid all hotels with a rating lower than 7 on various hotel comparison and booking platforms (Booking,, Agoda, etc.).

The Valentina Hotel, the Best 3-Star Hotel in Malta

The Valentina Hotel, located in the heart of Saint Julian’s, is the best 3-star hotel in Malta. A modern and well-equipped hotel, appreciated for the quality of its facilities and praised for the attention given by its staff.

The Valentina is a hotel whose facilities approach those of a 4-star, with a rooftop pool and modern, well-appointed decor in common areas as well as in rooms. Just steps from the Portomaso Marina and a short distance from Malta’s famous nightlife street, Paceville, the Valentina has many advantages to charm travelers.

Reception Hall of Valentina Hotel (3-star hotel in Paceville)
Rooftop Pool at Valentina Hotel (3-star hotel in Paceville)
Superior Room at Valentina Hotel (3-star hotel in Paceville)

The Azur Hotel by ST Hotels, the Most Popular 3-Star Hotel in Malta

The Azur Hotel by ST Hotels is the most popular 3-star establishment in Malta. The Azur Hotel is a modern and well-equipped hotel, offering facilities such as a restaurant, gym, bar, and lounge. It also offers spacious and well-thought-out rooms. A highlight of the hotel is its access to the Aqualuna Beach Club, an exclusive waterfront lido in Sliema’s port, famous for its cross-shaped pool.

The hotel is located in the city of Gzira, a destination less popular than Saint Julian’s or Valletta. This allows the hotel to offer slightly lower prices off-season, providing very good value for this level of comfort.

Standard Room at Azur Hotel by ST Hotels (3-star hotel Malta)
Fitness Room at Azur Hotel by ST Hotels
Continental Breakfast at Azur Hotel by ST Hotels

The Best Budget Hotels in Malta

The Most Highly Rated Affordable Hotels by Travelers in Malta

There are many budget accommodation options on the archipelago, commonly known as “cheap hotels in Malta”. Malta is one of the tourist destinations with a large volatility in hotel prices. The price of hotels in Malta is halved, or even tripled, between October and March, compared to the rates applied during the summer period. During this time, all hotels offer promotions of 50 to 75% off high season rates.

It is also very easy to save money by choosing a hotel outside the most popular areas. It is important to remember that Malta is a small island only 27 km long; therefore, it is very easy to get around and connect from one point to another.

Traveling to Malta during the low season is the best option to enjoy discounted or bargain hotel prices while enjoying a Mediterranean climate and mild weather.

The Pergola Hotel & Spa, the Best Budget Hotel in Malta

The Pergola Hotel & Spa is a 4-star hotel at the price of a 3-star hotel. The Pergola is very well maintained, offering a magnificent sea view and all the amenities of a 4-star hotel. It also offers studio rooms, equipped with a small kitchen (kitchenette), a feature that can be very convenient for families on vacation in Malta.

The hotel offers unbeatable prices off-season, with rates around €35 per night. These bargain prices are mainly due to the hotel’s location.

The hotel is located in the north of the island in the town of Mellieħa, a strategic position in summer as it is close to two of the most popular beaches in Malta (Għadira Bay and Golden Bay) as well as the Popeye Village, but undeservedly overlooked by travelers off-season. Travelers looking for peace and tranquility will be delighted with the location.

The cave with bar at Pergola Hotel (4-star hotel in Mellieħa)
Standard room with pool view at Pergola Hotel (4-star hotel in Mellieħa)
Gym at Pergola Hotel (Gym Club)

Alexandra Hotel, the Most Popular Budget Hotel

Alexandra Hotel is a 3-star hotel, located in the heart of the bustling and sought-after city of Saint Julian’s, and is a highly sought-after establishment for travelers looking for a well-positioned hotel offering good value for money.

Gym, rooftop outdoor pool, indoor pool, comfortable, air-conditioned, and modern rooms: Alexandra Hotel has all the features of a quality three-star hotel in Malta, while offering affordable prices.

Reception of Alexandra Hotel in Saint Julian's
Rooftop pool with sea view at Alexandra Hotel
Superior room at Alexandra Hotel

Frequently Asked Questions about Hotels in Malta (FAQ)

What is the environmental tax or Eco Contribution?

Staying in Malta automatically entails the payment of the environmental tax or Eco Contribution. This tax is systematically requested upon arrival at the hotel (Check-in), and is akin to the tourist tax. The Eco tax in Malta is 0.5 euros per person per day, with a capped limit of 5 euros (10 days). This means that you should not be charged more than 5 euros per person during a trip to Malta. Remember to keep your receipts to justify the payment of the tax, especially if you stay in multiple hotels during your visit.

How to find a hotel at the best price in Malta?

To book a hotel in Malta at the best price, it is preferable to use online booking platforms: Booking, Expedia, or Agoda. In general, prices on these platforms are almost always lower than those displayed on hotel websites.

What type of electrical outlets are there in hotels?

Electricity in Malta operates on the British model, with 3-pin plug sockets. Hotels are no exception to this rule, and you will need to bring a power adapter for your electrical devices. Adapters can be easily purchased at any store on the island. Some hotels sometimes offer USB sockets as well as sockets in the European model, but this remains the exception.

Is it possible to stay in Comino?

No, the island of Comino, famous for its Blue Lagoon, currently does not have a hotel. A hotel is under construction, the “Six Senses Comino”, but it will not open its doors until 2027. However, there is a small camping area in Comino, although it is restricted and very poorly equipped.

Are there youth hostels in Malta?

Yes, Malta offers several options for youth hostels for budget-conscious travelers. You can find them under the name “Hostel” or “Guest house”. Hostels are affordable and often the cheapest option for accommodation. A solution for solo travelers. The Boho Hostel, the Two Pillows Boutique Hostel, and the Hostel Malti are among the most popular and highly rated youth hostels in Malta by travelers, students, and backpackers.

What hotels are near Malta Airport?

Malta is a small island, which means that all hotels in Malta are located within 20 km of the airport. For business trips, there are three hotels located nearby (less than 500 meters) from Malta Airport: The Piazza Suites, the Talbot & Bons, and the Squadron’s Base.

What is the average price of a hotel night in Malta?

The price of a hotel night in Malta varies greatly depending on the seasonality. From October to April, the price of a hotel room in Malta ranges from 30 euros to 150 euros, with an average price around 45 euros per night. From May to September, the price of a hotel room in Malta ranges from 75 euros to 550 euros, with an average price around 145 euros per night.

What is the most expensive hotel in Malta?

The price of a hotel night in Malta will depend greatly on the type or model of room selected (standard, comfort, superior, suite, presidential suite, etc.). The Phoenicia Hotel, the Rosselli Hotel, and the Iniala Harbour House Hotel, all located in Valletta, are generally the most expensive hotels in Malta for a standard room, regardless of the season.