The best hotels in Malta

To discover the jewels of the Maltese archipelago, you need to book a hotel. Discover the best hotels in Malta sorted by category.

Swimming pool of one of the hotels in Malta - Salini Resort (Salina Bay)

The best 5 star hotels in Malta

Top 5 star hotels in Malta rated by travellers

There are eighteen 5-star hotels in the Maltese Islands. Seventeen of them are located on the main island and there is only one 5-star hotel on the neighbouring island of Gozo, the Hotel Ta’ Cenc & Spa.

5-star hotels in Malta can be differentiated into two categories. The “Palace Hotel” profile, such as Phoenicia Malta, groups luxury hotels in a traditional, authentic and intimate style. The “Resort” profile includes modern and imposing luxury hotels offering extensive facilities and a wide range of services. The Hilton Malta, Corinthia and Grand Hotel Excelsior belong to the “Resort” hotels family.

The Phoenicia Malta, the best 5-star hotel in Malta

The Phoenicia is the 5-star hotel in Malta that has received the most positive feedback from travellers who have stayed there, it is also one of the oldest and most iconic hotels on the island.

The 5-star hotel is situated on the edge of Valletta in a historic building. A leap back in time to the great era of the Knights of the Order of Malta, blending history with the comforts of contemporary modernism.

A former palace, surrounded by a luxurious garden and hidden from view, the Phoenicia is a charming hotel that takes care to preserve the discretion of its travellers.

The service offered by the hotel is first class. The hotel has an infinity pool with a breathtaking view of the harbour and Manoel Island. The hotel is also equipped with a spa and catering service to satisfy the most demanding travellers. The rooms offer all the comforts of a 5-star luxury hotel.

Swimming pool of the Phoenicia Hotel overlooking the Marina and the island of Manoel
The outdoor terrace of the Hotel Phoenicia Malta at the foot of Valletta's fortifications
Room at the Phoenicia Malta Hotel

Grand Hotel Excelsior, Malta’s most popular 5-star hotel

The Grand Hotel Excelsior is Malta’s most popular 5 star hotel. The Excelsior is also the hotel of choice for receptions of major international events and congresses.

Located between the coast and the 16th century fortifications of Valletta, the Grand Hotel Excelsior is a hotel set in an exceptional environment with breathtaking views. A five-star “Resort” type hotel, it is therefore distinguished by its size and its numerous facilities: gym, outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, indoor pool, spa, outdoor bar (Tiki Village), etc.

View from the dining room of the 5-star hotel Excelsior
Hotel Grand Excelsior Superior Room
Grand Excelsior Hotel swimming pool with marina view

The best 4 star hotels in Malta

The 4 star hotels in Malta best rated by travellers

There are over sixty 4-star hotels in Malta, with a wide range of different prices and levels of comfort. Some four-star hotels offer exceptional service that is second to none in terms of the standards expected of five-star hotels, while others are more like disguised three-star hotels.

Palais Le Brun, the best 4-star hotel in Malta

The Palais le Brun is considered to be the best 4 star hotel in Malta. A blend of authenticity and modernism combined with an exceptional setting has enabled the hotel to garner the most positive feedback from travellers who have stayed there.

The Palais Le Brun is a charming hotel, a former 16th century baroque style palace situated in the heart of the historic city of Valletta. The best 4 star hotel in Malta is a medium sized hotel that has become famous for the quality of its service. It is not gigantic, but a pleasant, elegant and well-equipped hotel.

The hotel has a gym, a bar and a roof-top swimming pool with a panoramic view of Valletta’s city walls. Palais Le Brun is also noted for the quality of its breakfast, which offers an à la carte menu as well as a continental buffet.

Swimming pool of the hotel El Palais Le Brun (4 star hotel in Valletta)
Standard room of the hotel El Palais Le Brun (4 star hotel in Valletta)
Upper terrace, Palais Le Brun (4 star hotel in Valletta)

Be.Hotel, Malta’s most popular 4-star hotel

The be.Hotel is Malta’s most popular 4 star hotel, a modern hotel that attracts a young clientele. The hotel is situated below the most vibrant area of the island, the Paceville district. An area known for its animated nightlife.

The be.Hotel is a high-end hotel with modern facilities. The rooms are spacious and very well equipped (flat screen TV, air conditioning, kettle, etc.). The hotel also has two advantages, a large rooftop pool on the 11th floor overlooking the beach of St. George’s Bay and a panoramic bar the Be.Kini which offers a breathtaking view.

The be.Hotel, although well known and reputable, is not recommended for travellers looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday in Malta. The lively nightlife in the Paceville neighbourhood often disturbs the general peace and quiet. On the other hand, party-goers will be delighted with the place.

Swimming pool on the roof of the be.Hotel Saint Julian's
360° bar of the hotel be.Hotel
Habitación superior del Hotel Be. Hotel (hotel de 4 estrellas)

The best 3 star hotels in Malta

Top 3 star hotels in Malta rated by travellers

There are many 3-star hotels in Malta, which is the most common standard in the Maltese Islands. The 2-star category is almost non-existent on the island and is generally similar to that of hostels.

The regulatory criteria for 3-star classification are less restrictive in Malta than in other European countries. Some 3-star hotels in Malta offer a quality of service close to 4-star, but there are also many hotels with problems of deterioration and/or cleanliness.

Be careful before booking a 3-star hotel in Malta. It is advisable to look at the profile, but also at the reviews or the overall rating of the hotel. It is recommended to avoid hotels with a rating of less than 7 on the various hotel booking platforms and comparison sites (Booking, Hotels, Agoda, etc.).

The Valentina Hotel, the best 3-star hotel in Malta

The Hotel Valentina, located in the heart of Saint Julian’s, is the best 3 star hotel on the island. A modern and well-equipped hotel appreciated for the quality of its facilities and valued for the attention given by its staff.

The Valentina is a hotel with facilities that are similar to those of a 4-star hotel, including a rooftop swimming pool and tasteful modern décor in both public areas and rooms. Just a few minutes’ walk from the Portomaso Marina and a short stroll from Malta’s nightlife street, the Valentina Hotel has everything to appeal to travellers.

Reception of the Hotel Valentina (3 star hotel in Paceville)
Swimming pool on the rooftop of the Hotel Valentina (3 star hotel in Paceville)
Superior room of the Valentina Hotel (3 star hotel in Paceville)

Azur Hotel by ST Hotels, Malta’s most popular 3-star hotel

The Azur Hotel by ST Hotels is the most popular 3-star establishment in Malta. Azur Hotel is a modern 3 star hotel, very well equipped (restaurant, gym, bar, lounge, etc.) and offers spacious and well thought out rooms.

The hotel is located in the town of Gzira, a less popular destination than St. Julian’s or Valletta, which allows the hotel to offer lower prices and therefore good value for money for this level of comfort.

Standard room at the Azur Hotel by ST Hotels Room (3 star hotel Malta)
The Fitness Centre Azur Hotel by ST Hotels Room
Continental breakfast Azur Hotel by ST Hotels Room

The best cheap hotels in Malta

The affordable hotels in Malta most rated by travellers

There are many options for budget accommodation on the island, generally cheap hotels.

Malta is one of the tourist destinations with high volatility in hotel prices. Hotel prices in Malta are generally halved between October and March, compared to the rates charged during the summer period. During this period all hotels offer promotions of 50-75% off the usual rates.

It is also very easy to save money by choosing a hotel outside the most popular areas. Don’t forget that Malta is a small island, only 27 km long, so it’s easy to get around.

Travelling to Malta in low season is the best solution to enjoy expensive hotels at affordable prices, while enjoying the good weather of Malta.

The Pergola Hotel & Spa, the best budget hotel in Malta

The Pergola Hotel & Spa is a 4 star hotel at the price of a 3 star hotel. The Pergola is a very well kept hotel with a magnificent sea view and all the facilities of a 4 star hotel. It is also equipped with studio size rooms, rooms with a small kitchenette, a plus which can be very convenient for travellers travelling to Malta with their families.

The hotel offers unbeatable off-season prices, with rates from around 25 euros per night. These low prices are mainly due to the hotel’s location.

The hotel is located in the north of the island in the town of Mellieħa, a strategic position in the summer because it is close to the beaches of Għadira Bay and Golden Bay or Popeye Village, but not very popular with off-season travellers. If you are looking for peace and quiet you will be delighted with the place.

The cave with the bar of Pergola Hotel (4 star hotel in Mellieħa)
Standard room with pool view at Hotel Pergola (4-star hotel in Mellieħa)
Pergola Hotel Gym

Alexandra Hotel, the most popular budget hotel

The Alexandra Hotel is a 3-star hotel, situated in the heart of the lively city of St. Julian’s. The establishment is popular with travellers looking for a well-located hotel that offers good value for money. The establishment is very popular with travellers looking for a well located hotel with good value for money.

With a fitness centre, outdoor rooftop pool, indoor pool, comfortable, air-conditioned and modern rooms, the Alexandra Hotel has all the advantages of a quality 3-star hotel in Malta, at very affordable prices.

Reception of the Alexandra Hotel in Saint Julian's
Alexandra Hotel's rooftop and seafront swimming pool
Alexandra Hotel Superior Room

Frequently Asked Questions – Hotels Malta (FAQ)

What is the environmental tax or ECO Contribution?

Staying in Malta automatically implies the payment of an environmental tax or Eco Contribution. This tax is systematically requested upon arrival at the hotel (Check In) and is similar to the tourist tax in other European countries such as Spain or France.

The eco-tax in Malta is €0.5 per person per day, with a maximum limit of €5 (10 days). This means that you should not be charged more than €5 during your trip to Malta, so remember to keep your receipts to justify payment of the tax, especially if you visit several hotels in Malta during your stay.

How to find a hotel at the best price in Malta?

To book a hotel in Malta at the best price, it is best to use online booking platforms. The price is usually lower than what is shown on the websites of hotels in Malta. The price of nights is also cheaper on Agoda, and Booking. The Lastminute regularly offers last minute deals at reduced prices.

What are the electrical sockets in hotels in Malta?

Good news! Electricity in Malta works according to the British model. Therefore, sockets are in 3-pin format. Hotels in Malta are no exception to the rule and you will need a power adapter for your electrical appliances. If you come from other European countries you can easily find adapters in any local shop, although more and more hotels are offering USB plugs as well as European model plugs.

Is it possible to stay in Comino?

The island of Comino, famous for its Blue Lagoon, has only one hotel: the Comino Hotel. A small 3-star hotel on the seafront in an exceptional location.

Are there hostels in Malta?

There are many hostels in Malta. They are sometimes called “guest houses”. Hostels are affordable and are often the first choice of accommodation. A solution for solo travellers. El Boho Hostel, Two Pillows Boutique Hostel and Hostel Malti are among the most popular and highly rated hostels in Malta by young travellers.

Which hotels are close to Malta airport?

The island of Malta is a small island, which means that all hotels in Malta are located within 20 km of the airport. For business travellers there are three hotels located close (within 500 metres) to Malta airport: Piazza Suites, Talbot & Bons and Squadron’s Base.

What is the average price of a hotel night in Malta?

The price of a hotel room in Malta varies greatly depending on the season. From October to April, the price of a hotel room in Malta varies between EUR 20 and 120, with an average price of around EUR 37 per night. From May to September, the price of a hotel room in Malta varies between 75 and 350 Euros, with an average price of around 125 Euros per night.