Popeye Village (Malta)


Popeye Village is the main theme park in Malta and one of the flagship tourist attractions of the archipelago. The park, built in 1980 for the musical comedy “Popeye” starring Robin Williams, is a reconstruction of the famous fictional seaside town of “Sweethaven”. It has been preserved since the filming of the movie and redeveloped with various attractions around the universe of the famous sailor with disproportionately large forearms, to entertain both children and adults.

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History of Popeye Village

The construction of Popeye Village, also known as “Sweethaven Village,” began in June 1979, requiring the coordinated effort of an international team of 165 builders who worked tirelessly for seven months.

The construction of Popeye Village and its 20 colorful wooden chalets was a large-scale project. It required the construction of a breakwater nearly 60 meters long at the mouth of Anchor Bay, the building of an access road, the importation of hundreds of tree trunks from the Netherlands, thousands of shingles imported from Canada, and several tons of nails.

Filming for the movie “Popeye” began on January 23, 1980, and concluded on June 19 of the same year, marking the end of an intense period of activity on the site. Cinematically, the film received more than mixed reviews and is poorly rated by audiences, despite the presence of Robin Williams in the lead role of Popeye. However, the film left behind a tangible legacy in the form of this redeveloped village into a theme park, which attracts thousands of visitors from around the world each year.

Attractions at Popeye Village in Malta

In addition to the unique atmosphere of a village reconstructed on the theme of Popeye, Popeye Village offers numerous animations and attractions. The park is divided into two levels: the Lower Complex for adults and teenagers, and the Upper Complex for young children (under 12 years old). It is important to note that some attractions are only available during the high season, especially the aquatic attractions.

Detailed map of Popeye Village

Lower Complex

  • Aquatic inflatable structures and assault course
  • Anchor Square: sunbathing area overlooking the bay
  • Cinema featuring a documentary (15 minutes) about the making of the film
  • Postcard shops and complimentary popcorn
  • Show area with multiple performances (The Sawmill)
  • Robin Williams Museum
  • Popeye Comic Museum
  • “Bluto’s House”: Behind-the-Scenes Film Information Room

Upper Complex

  • Nine-hole mini golf
  • Play area within the restaurant
  • Mini assault course for children
  • Play pool (ball pool) for children aged 3 to 8, 2 splash pools
  • Various animation shows and entertainments

When to Visit Popeye Village?

Popeye Village is open year-round, but not all attractions and activities are available throughout the year. The park also applies variable pricing depending on the season or special events (such as during Easter or Christmas holidays).

The high season takes place from July 1st to September 30th, which is the best period to enjoy all attractions, especially aquatic activities.

Informations sur le Popeye Village


Triq Tal-Prajjet, Il-Mellieħa, Malte


  • Basse saison : Adultes et adolescents : €15.00 / Enfants (3-12 ans) : €10.00
  • Moyenne saison : Adultes et adolescents : €18.00 / Enfants (3-12 ans) : €14.00
  • Haute saison : Adultes et adolescents : €24.00 / Enfants (3-12 ans) : €16.00

Horaires d’ouverture

09h30 à 17h30


Bus : arrêt Popeye