Malta National Aquarium


The National Aquarium of Malta, located in Qawra, allows visitors to explore Mediterranean and tropical marine biodiversity. As the only aquarium in the archipelago, it is a must-visit destination for those curious about marine diversity and a highly popular activity for families seeking an educational and fun outing.

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Introduction to Malta Aquarium

Opened in 2013, the National Aquarium of Malta is a small aquarium noted for its modern architecture resembling a starfish. The aquarium is located at the tip of Qawra (San Pawl il-Baħar) along the coast and just meters away from the famous Café del Mar.

The aquarium hosts nearly 150 species of fish, insects, and reptiles, distributed across 6 thematic zones that replicate various marine habitats from around the world. From the re-creation of local seabeds to those of the Indian Ocean, each area is designed to be both fun and educational.

Malta Aquarium is also a research and conservation center for aquatic flora and fauna. The aquarium, among other initiatives, partners with the Sharklab organization and has contributed to reintroducing nearly 300 sharks to the coastal waters of the Maltese archipelago.

Discovering Malta Aquarium

The aquarium features 6 thematic zones including a vivarium to explore: Malta’s western shoreline & Submarine (Zone 1), Valletta Harbour (Zone 2), Tropical Oceans (Zone 3), Roman Times (Zone 4), Gozo and Comino (Zone 5), and Reptiles and Amphibian area.

Zone 1: Malta’s Western Shoreline & Submarine

In the Malta’s western shoreline & Submarine zone, mainly Mediterranean species such as gilthead bream, European seabass, as well as mullets, groupers, amberjacks, and scorpionfish are hosted. Cartilaginous fishes like the undulate ray, closely related to sharks, are also concealed under the sand of the aquariums.

Zone 2: Valletta Harbour

In the Valletta Harbour zone, you will discover a fresco depicting the famous port of Malta and pools populated with local fish such as seabream, marbled grouper, Mediterranean lobster as well as various coral reef fish like the lionfish and pufferfish. A small pool dedicated to the Indian Ocean is also present with colorful fish like the emperor angelfish and the iconic clownfish.

Zone 3: Tropical Oceans

The Tropical Oceans zone is undoubtedly the most impressive (proportionally speaking) of Malta Aquarium. The large tropical pool showcases marine life from the Indo-Pacific ocean, where blacktip sharks, leopard sharks, and zebra sharks swim alongside rays and a multitude of colorful fish. Various species are observable through an underwater tunnel.

Zone 4: Roman Times

The Roman Times zone aims to be a reconstruction of a shipwreck from Roman times. It displays ancient Roman relics along with various local fish species including some large fish like the amberjack, blue mackerel, and moray eels.

Zone 5: Gozo and Comino

The Gozo and Comino zone, as the name suggests, is dedicated to Malta’s sister islands, Gozo and Comino. It’s a fun and educational area featuring freshwater tanks with species from South America like the catfish or the peacock bass. This zone includes a sort of nursery with small tanks dedicated to species raised within the aquarium.

Zone 6: Reptiles and Amphibian Area

The final zone, the Reptiles and Amphibian area, is a small vivarium inaugurated in November 2015. A wide variety of reptiles, amphibians, and insects are displayed such as snakes, beetles, tarantulas, and dendrobatid frogs.

Visitor Experience and Reviews at Malta Aquarium

Visitor reviews of the Malta Aquarium are often mixed. The aquarium is a beautiful place, well-maintained with neat facilities, ideal for families. However, it is evident that the aquarium is not very large compared to other national aquariums, and the visit is quite short. Expect to spend about an hour touring the site and tanks, which do not contain “rare” species.

The value for money may seem a bit high and not suitable for all visitors. Nevertheless, the National Aquarium of Malta remains a wonderful opportunity to discover Malta’s underwater life in an educational setting, ideal for a family outing or an educational excursion.

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Triq it-Trunciera, San Pawl il-Baħar, Malta


  • Adults and teenagers: €16.90
  • Seniors (over 60 years): €13.90
  • Children (3 to 12 years): €10.90
  • Babies (under 3 years): Free

Opening Hours

10:00 AM to 8:00 PM (last entry at 7:30 PM), every day of the week


Bus: Stop Ben